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Hangry Monta (Large)

Seasoned ground beef enclosed in handcrafted dumplings, oven-baked and served with house made tomato broth and garlic yogurt creme. Traditionally ate with both sauces served on top of the monta, but definitely optional. Sauces for take out and delivery will be on the side. Serving size: about 70 bite sizes monta serves 2/3 people or more. For plain yogurt option please specify.

Vegetarian Monta

Vegetarian/Vegan option is filled with lentils, garbanzo beans, red kidney beans, served with both sauces on the side and comes only in the small tray portion with about 40 bite sized monta. For vegan option specify no yogurt.

Oven Baked Chicken Sandwich

Best Chicken Sandwich that isn’t fried ! Marinated chicken breast, pickled red onions, grilled red peppers, fresh organic spring mix with our house made garlic spread all in between a toasted ciabatta bun.

Artisan Cheese Beoreg Piece

Thin layers of handcrafted dough, infused with Monterey Jack and Greek Feta cheese, baked to a golden crisp.

Monta Garlic Creme Soup

Yogurt based soup with Monta

Monta Tomato Herb Soup

32 oz -comes with double the monta dumplings than the 16oz

Monta Garlic Creme

Soup for the soul. Garlic Creme Soup: Yogurt based soup drizzled with a garlic/mint confit served with monta dumplings. 16oz comes with 13 monta dumplings

Monta Tomato Herb

Not your basic tomato soup. Sautéed mint and garlic tomato based soup served with monta dumplings. 16 oz comes with 13 dumplings.

Craving Mediterranean Food? Order pickup or delivery now!

Craving Mediterranean Food? Order pickup or delivery now!
We offer pickup and delivery to La Crescenta-Montrose! Get Mediterranean Food delivered in 45 mins.


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